When Will She Care?

Waiting, ever waiting

For that day when she truly cares as much as others wish her to

Waiting, ever waiting

For the sun to warm not just her skin, but her blood

To gasp in the sheer pleasure

Leg grazes leg, heavy breathing


She cannot

Because she does not care, and it frightens her

Deception, destroying what she stands for

How does she not care?


One day, she will go home

And she will remember the simple naivety

The ease that it took to get her adrenaline pumping

Go, go, go, go

Don’t stop

Always running, driving, laughing, singing

Even in her dreams

To come here, it all stops

Silence surrounds, puddling at her knees

Work, work, work, work

Make it come back, the speed, the time-consuming nothing

No longer does she care

Just kill the clock’s history

Hide the ticking, break the hands, smash the face

Why is there so much nothing?

Yes, a small town, but no friends, no solid beams of support

Temporary appeasement


She does not care, just make the time disappear

Find people, fuck people, steal from people

Who cares?

Find, fuck, steal, drive, laugh, cry, scream, whisper, run, dance, sing

Play in the rain, something to make her



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