Cold Fireside

Cold begins to settle in

I feel my toes losing feeling

Smile with glee

Nose red as I run, delighted

My feet kicking up crunchy dead leaves

Opens my arms to catch the cold air head on


So exhilerating

For a moment, only a moment, I forget myself

I am the child of five years old

Bundled in layers of jackets

Diving into piles of leaves

Gasping as my breath comes out in puffs


Back to my world

My responsibilities, my past, my present, my future

The cold wraps it into little packages

No longer drawn out with the oppressive heat

Everything to end as soon as possible

To escape to the warm fire

Hot chocolate and fuzzy socks

Stories on the couch and laughter reflected in a circle


The cold is the key

Red noses and frozen fingers

Bring everyone together

In a nostalgic huddle



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