Back In Town

Independence is gone,
Wiped away with the bugs
Windshield wipers unforgiving
The family crowds around,
Music so loud and cars on either side
It doesn’t stop, it just keeps coming
Sitting in the silence of the car
The radio is off
The A/C waves strands of hair in front of my eyes
 Just breathe

What do I want?
To come home and not be spoken to.
To come home and not be forced back into the lifestyle of 18 years
That I shed with college
 I can’t tell them that

I feel like I’m fly fishing,
Sitting quietly, anxious to catch the fish, to keep the family happy
Forcing myself to wait in silence
Say the wrong thing and suddenly you’re the ungrateful wretch
Suddenly the fish are swimming away
Come back!
I’ll be good! I’ll be quiet!
You wait, your “fly” meandering above the water
See the delicate surface tension
Ripple, Splash, Yank, Tug
In the water with the biggest grin on my face

Patience is a virtue
Guess I came back in town just in time


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