Sitting silently

The stone an admirable character

Heartbeat betrays the motionless

A solid beat in the night

Racing with the wind

Confined inside a cage of bone

Only extremes could set it free

Captor left in the cold


Sitting silently

The stone an inspiration and an envy

Dwelling upon those demented thoughts

Those what ifs, could’ves, should’ves, might have been

The possibilities spell out disaster

And the brightest hope

In this concrete forest

Materialism forms the purpose for living


Sitting silently

The stone an anchor, the prisoner, and the only hope

Wind strives to steal her away

With the hair in her face she cries

A tension she can’t explain

An indescribable release she can’t verbalize

To be free, to go on a whim

Spontaneity to expect and enjoy


Sitting silently

The stone a seat, promising to not give way

A seat to fall back into

When life sweeps her up in its spontaneous motions

And she’s let down at the end

To revel in the joy of no planning

The experience to jot down

The memories to bring a smile, when the caged feeling emerges


One day, I won’t need that stone

One day, I’ll be free

It just takes a little patience



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