Wide Awake with a Smile

Sun burns still within my skin
Smile cracks the face, lying in bed
Images dance across my eyelids
A complete vacation, the beach still calling my name
The fishermen, shouting as someone’s reel begins spinning
All gather round to view the spectacle, judge the prize
Worthy of congratulations on the back? A sigh and a “better luck next time”?
Beer tossed around, cigarettes float amongst the boys
The smell of the ocean, the fish, the crab for bait, the sweat of hours of diligent waiting, beer, happiness
All combines into my sunburned cheeks, my windblown hair, my flip flop tan
Crabbing by the road, casting out the chicken leg, pulling slowly in with every tug
The anticipation as the crab is visible, the net held into check until finally, a swoop and a FINI!
Laying on a towel, driving as fast as possible down the freeway, visiting old friends, meeting new friends
With every smile, every minute of every day I absorb in the camera, in the memory
Sunlight is all that remains as proof of my journey
To completion
Until next time, my fishermen. 



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