Bluegrass Blues and Coffee

Coffee cup to my lips
Twang of the lap guitar
Other attendees to this event tap their foot
Tap their table
There is one, an odd character, with a tight green shirt, small afro, and a woolen cap
Another, a handyman, a daily visitor, rocking his head with the beat
Small woman, sitting on a bench and smiling, a first timer to the performance
Freshly ground coffee beans, the aroma spreads
 Harmonica and drums to end the song
Applause of the light crowd fills the small store
A couple, on their first date, shy and awkward, don’t know whether to touch or stay a foot apart
I smile, with the memories of my own
Blues fade across the store
Ambience almost mesmerizing, eyes closing as the beat swallows
Float back, come to terms with my surroundings once again
On again, off again,
This heaven of coffee and electric bluegrass
I could only leave if you dragged me by the hand
Please won’t you take my hand?



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