Polaroid Cameras and Hooligan Hunts

So I’m going to take a break from the writings of mine for a little bit to express to whoever chooses to view this that I have a plan.
It is a good plan and I intend to carry it out in due time with the proper materials.
If you know me, you understand that I am incredibly talkative and (some would say it’s a bad thing) I have no fear of approaching people I don’t know.

Hooligan Hunt ’09 
Name tags (little sticker type ones)
Black Sharpie
Polaroid Camera

I intend to walk around the Georgetown Square, armed with my Sharpie and my Polaroid camera. Upon finding interesting looking folks as well as “hooligans” (will explain momentarily) I will approach them and give them a name, to which if they agree, I will write on a name tag. I will give the person their name tag and ask them to place it on their shirt. I will then ask if I could take a picture of them or perhaps with them (depending on their creeper status). After the picture has been taken and removed from the camera, I will either give it to them if they ask or keep it myself for memories.

I will become acquainted with many people, several of whom will hopefully have fun or colorful nicknames that I have designated for them. People will walk away from our (brief) interlude, preferably with a smile on their face. Maybe some will even have their day improved through jovial and comedic conversation.
Why would I do this, one might ask. Well, because I can is the simple answer. I see no reason not to and think the entire day would simply be that much more exciting because of it.

The only setback I have had so far would be my lack of a Polaroid Camera, which is key to this plan. I’ve found a solution though. A rebirth of the Polaroid Camera. They will begin production of Polaroid film once more and I will be able to complete my well-thought-out plan (said in an absolutely not cocky manner). 



Hooligan: Adolescents (with some variation in age) who tend to ride around on “trick bikes”. These bikes are the size of bicycles fit for 8 year olds, however, Hooligans choose to ride them in order to perform tricks on them such as jumps, wheel spins, and wheelies to name a few.

Creeper Status: How “creepy” a person would be. If you have a molestache, disturbing vibe(s), or just look downright creepy. I’m aware that this definition is biased and quite judgmental, but it is mine and therefore, does not have to be nice.

Molestache: A creeper mustache. It tends to be pencil thin and the length of one’s mouth. It does vary upon person.

If you read this all, I would love to hear ideas, suggestions, or perhaps your thoughts in general. Thanks! 🙂


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