Service Engine Light

Eyes stretch open against the bright curtains
Feel the bones settled, unwilling to start
Gears caught, oil needing a change
A forgotten machine, in desperate need of attention

Force everything into motion
Vision wavers as it scans the surroundings
Exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale
Forward, hup!
A new dawn, a new day
The same as every day

Seek out the driving force
The small spark, buried within my chest
Flickering weakly, pushing me forward
There is more, there is more
Where is more?
I have sought for meaning
I have sought for purpose
Machines need direction

Actions and rituals, plateau of life
No visible progress
Another day in this town
Another day passes by in a daze
Service engine light
Blinking rapidly, it too broken

Get into the car
Holding my life in my two hands
Beneath a ring of plastic and rubber,
Connected to a speed machine
Windows recede and the wind enters
Here is the joy so sought after
I am flying

There may seem to be nothing accomplished
Following a broken yellow line
Racing past fence posts, through county lines
Wave to others, soar over hills
Lose my stomach on the drops
Swing back to consciousness
Gasp as the wheel jerks to avoid obstacle after obstacle
Laugh as freedom brushes my lips
Smile with the sudden independence
No one relies on my appearance, I rely on no one
I fly again, free as a bird yet stuck to the ground

Only to come back, to the bed where I began
Take the key from the ignition
Bones settle back into rest
Gears slow and grind to a halt
Service engine light temporarily ignored
Wait for tomorrow, when all thoughts and actions repeat once more


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