Flee With the Wind

She comes out from behind the shady blocks of gray

The grass suddenly glistens in the burst of light

The world seems to hug this blast of energy

Warming up slowly, one has to smile

Embrace the sunshine, open my arms

You’ll find me in the waist-high grass

Spinning in circles, picking blue-bonnets

Aching to follow that paved road leading to nowhere

It could take me somewhere

Can’t stay still, can’t be content for so long

I feel the restlessness creeping in

That peaceful sleep which graced me has faltered

Laying, tossing and turning, thinking of those people

Those unmet smiles and unshaken hands

What of those cows hiding in the brush?

What of the unexplored antique stores?

What of the other small towns?

I can wiggle in anywhere and make a place for myself

Why can’t I leave?

I tied myself down, thinking it would bring smiles to others

I know it will pass my face and touch it gently

I will smile, to appease the audience

Inside, my heart yearns to flee

I’m not scared

There’s just so much to see and record

So much to photograph and write about

So much to gather and show others

So much to share


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