And So She Thinks: Day 3

Entry 3: I made a girl cry today. It wasn’t tears of sorrow or hurt. They were tears of joy. I felt such immense happiness at making this girl cry of joy. It was odd. She got engaged last weekend and this next weekend is getting married. The lucky man is in the Air Force and deploys to Italy this weekend, taking his blushing bride with her. We left her forty dollars and a congratulatory note. She chased us into the parking lot, crying and I hugged her. She left me feeling like crying. Out of happiness as well though. It is strange how compassionate people are. Why are we designed to have such compassion, such care? Isn’t that against our primal instincts. Eat, sleep, fuck, survive? I could get into society and whatnot but that’s not what you want to hear. You want to hear about how my dog tripped over a squirrel she was chasing the other day. Or maybe, how my friend stepped in a puddle and immediately said, “Oh! That’s wet!” (she’s quite naturally blonde, might I add). Or would you rather hear about an awkward experience I had walking into a sex shop once? A, B, or C. The clock’s ticking. *ding* very well. I shall tell you about the time I fell up stairs. Fairly anticlimactic. I was walking up stairs one day and was texting (of course). I missed the step by a clear mile and fell flat on my purse. Fairly certain it saved me from a busted jaw and bruised ribs. Thank you purse. *you’re welcome!* That is what I think.


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