And So She Thinks: Day 4

Entry 4: My coffee has gone cold. It was crap, office coffee. But still. I can think of nothing. Maybe because it is only 9:30 a.m. and already, I am procrastinating. The coffee is cold. Outside it is pouring. I texted Noah about an hour ago and asked him to pick me up on his way through town. He never texted back. Since this snubb, however, I have come to terms with it and decided I will become a Buddhist. That way, even if I drown, I will go to a place filled with giant, bald, happy men asking you to rub their belly and promising good luck.


He's just so friendly.

And if that doesn’t work out, I’m going to live with the Amish. I will ride in a cart and buggy, I will wear simple clothes, and every night I will sneak out to the nearest Starbucks to update you. Because I’m considerate like that.

However, I’d get tired of it. My back up plan? Well I don’t have one because it’s either Buddhism or drowning. Unless Noah decides to come chill for a bit. It’s whatever.

On a side note: I’ve discovered this fabulous thing called “Coffee and Cake for Brekkie” a.k.a. CCB. My stomach is about ready to twist itself into a noose and shoot through my belly button. I’m excited. It’ll be like a reverse moment of the Matrix! Remember, the bug they put inside of him and when he was rescued by Trinity, they sucked it out with a vacuum thing that look like a penis pump? This one:

How’s that mental picture working for ya? I’ll leave now.


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