And So She Thinks: Day 5

Entry 5: It was loud. Lips formed to entice words to exit. Nothing got through. Lean in close, yell a statement, “oh ok”, lean back. Music built in you. Shaking your frame every time his fingers touch the strings. Listen to the music, recognize the words, sing along. And at the end of the night, a show of lights so brilliant, none others compete. Earth-shattering volume results from the fiery display. You sigh, say goodnight, pack up to head out of this dream. Back to the real world of angry people, divided people, and of course… work. I’ve escaped the plight of so many others for the evening, not having to work in the morning. And to be perfectly honest, I’m quite thrilled. It’s no crazy night though. I am at home. It is still a Sunday after all.

NASA is always right. Always.

NASA is always right. Always.

Did you ever wonder if one could see fireworks from space? I mean, it’s so high up there! The answer is no. A human eye can not see fireworks on the side of the planet across 200 miles to the space station. It is impossible.

However, if you think otherwise, I don’t care. NASA said so. And it’s NASA. –> (self-explanatory) –>

So I will call it a night tonight. I’ve had my fun. But, I will leave you with a question. In case you have no intentions of going to sleep tonight….

” What was the best thing before sliced bread?”


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