And So She Thinks: Day 7

Entry 7: So I sit, in the programming lair. The room is dimly lit and every developer’s face is glowing from the light of their desktop(s). “Does anything want anything for lunch?” “I can’t eat right now! There’s so much to do. I have to code blah blah blah and move blah then register blah blah all while migrating every file since the dawn of time and then blah blah blah. You wouldn’t understand.” “ok… have fun” They all remain clothed in the early 90’s, pants up to mid chest, giant brown loafers polished to a sheen and an ironed red and white striped polo, tucked in. Kleenex can be found on each of their desks. This shit is like a movie. Actually, I wish it was. In reality, I am in the programming lair but it’s nothing like the stereotypical room of nerds for hire by anyone who’s desperate to win a girl back or something. They dress in normal clothes, have a complete set of social skills allowing for conversation to flow between them and anyone else in the entire office. Up until you ask about the program, then it’s holy hell, what are they saying?!

I can tell you one thing. I don’t belong here. I like to get out and frolic in a meadow on a sunny day. Play with wolf puppets in public. I swear if I stay here, I’ll get a tan line from these fluorescent (ungodly bright) lights installed above me.

On a quick little side note, my friend wrote a song the other day and said it was actually inspired by one of my writings! The poem I did was “Wide Awake with a Smile” and the song he did was “Shores of Yesterday”. Here’s a demo cut:

and the lyrics are on his blog and it’s really freaking cool. Yall check it out.


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