And So She Thinks: Day 8

Entry 8:

Our cheeks are hurting
As we curl over,
Eyes smiling with memory
How have we changed?
Oh, so much
Oh, so little
Recall our past declarations
Of loyalty, of “never will I”s, of love and of friends

I have missed you so
My rocks, my safe harbor, my love, my anger
Hold your hands and I am back
Sixteen and grinning
Hands out the windows
Freshly pressed licenses in our wallets
Free to go anywhere
So long as we’re home by midnight
Those days would never end

But they ended
And we left
And we’ll leave again
But for right now
Let us laugh, let us cry
Reminisce until the sun comes up
Let us talk
We have much to talk about
And pretend this day will never end
Until we leave again
In the meantime,
I shall listen, I shall remember
And my eyes will forever smile with the memory


2 thoughts on “And So She Thinks: Day 8

  1. Alex, this is really great… your whole site is. And it doesn’t remind me of anything, it’s not a rip-off… it’s just you. I wish i had found it sooner. ❤

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