The Forgiven

I sit here
Upon my pile of dirt
And I weep for you
As you follow me
Through the valley of death
For I am  a veteran,
I know the truth
And you follow, innocently
So I take your hand
And beg of you
To understand the sorrow I have understood

We are one person
You are to know my truth
You are to know my self
And through this unpleasant journey
I implore you to seek the path
Of love and forgiveness

I have none
I have no pity
I have no understanding
I am a sorrowful fool
Following the path
Of the little lion man
So brave yet so weak

To understand the path of righteous
The path of the forgiven
To love the path of the honest
To honor the path of the loved
I love you

But I am a hypocrite
Forgive me?



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