Sleep Deprivation

It is 7:15 a.m.
I have not slept
I feel my bones drooping, useless amongst weary muscle,
Thanking the skin for being there
I feel my head, pounding, a lack of food, a lack of sustenance
But my mind is racing, my heart will not slow down
But no thought stays to chase
It is all fleeting, and beating
Waiting for the start
Then it’s rushing and crushing,
Screaming for the finish

My fingers twitch to spell something
I cannot put into words
My eyes scan the room, examine the carpet
Perhaps my thoughts and hopes lay amongst the threads?
Perhaps that stain, from years before I was here
Has something of significance to share
Alas, it is a mere stain on a speechless carpet
And my mind continues churning at a numbing pace

One day, I promise
These posts will be of something significant
One day, I will open my mouth
And change the world with my thoughts alone
One day, I might smile
And the universe will smile with me
But until then…

I shall sit on this carpet of memories
And contemplate what it is that is trying to break past
My bone-weary body
And onto the face of the public
For all to see

Perhaps you could tell me
What it is I’m meant to say
Perhaps you could show me
The path along the way



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