Can’t Run From It

She hid it in the cupboard first
To gather cobwebs and hide
But they found it
So she hid it in her desk
To decompose quietly
But she kept seeing it
So she put it under her bed
But like the princess and the pea
It burned a hole through the mattress at night
She moved it to her car
To be ignored
But it sang louder than the radio
So she decided to wear it on her sleeve
You can’t ignore something so strong
For very long
And when she moved it,
It became quieter
It shined and blinded those around
But it comforted her
And wouldn’t weigh her conscience at night

For the first time in a long time,
A full night’s rest
Came to her
And she awoke with a smile
That wasn’t so hard
But she quickly learned
For those who were blinded
There were many who saw it for a challenge
And beat it brutally
But she stood strong,
Building armor, setting up obstacles
And in the process
She realized how truly complicated
And similarly how truly simple
Love was


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