That Little Crush

Lying in bed,
Lying in your arms
Leaning in for a kiss
Slowly, the world turns in that little room
The ceiling spins in the dark
Words spray across the walls
The past, flies around us
And in the dark,
I smile
To your sleeping face
Hand reaches out to trace what I see
I heard all the things you said
And I took them seriously,
I hope you don’t mind
Because every word made my heart jump
I ached to hold you for hours with no pause
To be held by you
And for whatever is in store,
I won’t shy away from
Every time you hold my hand
A new burst of life races through me
And I am stronger
Than I have been
I’m not scared by you
I don’t know why but I’m not
I’m eager to show you
That I’m worth every thought
And I’ll wait however long it takes


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