The smiles rest easy
On a suede couch
Amongst similar hands and faces
Take another swig and fall,
Prey to the laughter of good times

Pass around the jokes
And share the lowered eyelids of looks
Grin at the beat,
Pressing into the back of your head
A rave, settled into a ten foot room

The music falls gently but solidly,
Dropping like water,
Eyes rest on the television
And every perverted joke
Turns giggles into choking laughing,
Wipe the tears away
And light up a smoke

Breathe calmly and share
The trials and changes in our lifetime
Excitement to realize
That high school is really over
Each one progresses
Moving forward with our lives,
It’s really happening

Yet through it all,
We remain together
Every step of the way,
I’ve got your hands
And you both have mine

I couldn’t have made it this far
Without you two
Thank you


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