Past Forgiveness

Stumble naked to the door 
Drunken with her lost hopes
Ethereal features
Darkened with bitterness
A broken knot, of limbs and love
Shaking, she will rise
Reach out to the rabid souls

Forgiveness was four doors before
A glance and a sigh
Her finger slid from the doorbell
Knees are bloody, broken glass leaving scars

As she hits the patio
Outside the last door
Her knees give in, and distraught
At the horror of what she has become
She falls
Curled against the faces of truth,
The faces of disappointment

She has finally broken,
A clock with his hands tied

Time for you to go, love
The door opens and in the shadows
She sees only a hand
Reaching to her from the unknown
Naked body unfolds
He carries her empty limbs
Light as a feather
Her blonde hair, the only reminder
Of the angel before the fall


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