True Love?

Is there such a thing as true love?
I should like to believe there is
But then again, what is true and what I believe
Don’t always coincide
It’s difficult to prove when there’s no definition
How would one define true love?
It’s a matter of the heart
Which has always left mankind
In a stumbling tumbling state of confusion

To many pessimists, love is an infatuation
It is a left over primal instinct
Typically felt more strongly by females
They “fall in love” with a man to keep him around
And protect new life
But that’s not an instinct necessary for survival anymore

To the optimists, love is a glorious truth
It is an overwhelming sensation of the heart
Captivating and invigorating
It is a connection between two people
Of unrequited emotion that can endure a lifetime
“All you need is love”

So how would I define true love?
I don’t side entirely with the optimists
Or the pessimists for that matter
I do believe love can endure a lifetime
And is powerful enough to overcome trials and tribulations
But I also don’t believe anyone can give their heart
Entirely, unconditionally, and irrevocably
Every human is still cautious in some sense

Most definitely there is puppy love
Absolutely there is infatuation
Certainly there is obsession
But “true love”
In societal context, true love
Is unconditional, forgiving, all-encompassing
True love may somewhat be unconditional
But if that’s the case,
Why do we call it quits when someone cheats?
Why do we look elsewhere when our love is away for too long?
Why do so many give up when loving someone proves too difficult?

One question I have is
Why does love fade?
Why, in an extended relationship, does love fade in and out?
Some days, you’re madly in love
Some days, you’re content and comfortable
Some days, you hate the one you love
And then you’re back to being madly in love

It’s never a solid thing
Never a reliable, constant feeling
It wanes and returns,
Tricks you and blinds you

But when it is there
It’s one of the most wonderful things
Any heart has ever felt


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