A Life Not Yet Finished

An entropic explosion of thought / Bursts beyond my ear drums
Somewhere within my head / I hear your jumbled words
The breeze dies momentarily / I hold the lighter up, engulf my lungs in rancid smoke
I strain and sense nothing / With a shrug, I turn to go back
Pause, and on the tip of the next breeze /  Your voice whispers to me

But the words you have chosen / Only make me want to run away
I look across the grassy field / To the hills of Connemara
I see your shady figure / Stuck behind regret and anger
I try to turn away /  Turn my face from the hand reaching for aid
But I cannot leave you to the beasts / Although my own demise is sure to follow

With every drag I ponder / How long it has been since I have felt like this
With each step into the mud / I wish I hadn’t heard you
Chaotic and wounded / Your words have molded to match my thoughts
Thoughts long ago put away / Are glaring at me in the path to you
I throw the remaining cancer down / With a last puff of smoke, it is gone

The broken thoughts / Of time and pain
Reemerge to swallow my mind / I feel my eyes glaze over
Your figure becomes a blurry mass of dark / Even the sunlight seeks to hide
I stand, unshielded and unprepared / To the wave upon wave of emotion
Saddling me, straddling me, strangling me / Gasp for the last bit of glorious life I can

I feel my finger tips become icy / But in my mind, I will not give up
Set my mouth, set my mind / Return to gratitude and energy
Return to a life not yet finished / And as the glaring lights do fade
Your face returns back into focus / Your tears highlight your shining features
I know it is a broken day / But tomorrow, we can walk together

With shaky knees, I bend to lift you / Your feet become solid
At the top of the hill / I light another
Inhale the smoke of bad decisions / And exhale the possibility for more
You take a drag / In your twisted face and horrid cough
An enlightened aura begins to spill forth, clothing our naked forms


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