And So She Thinks: Day 18

Entry 18: Everything happens for a reason. You may not believe it but I do. If what had happened, had not happened, I would not be standing in front of you today. Had I not gone overboard in discovering freedom my freshman year of college, I would maybe still be there. Had I not gone overboard and transferred to Brenham, I would not have made the friends and connections that I did. I wouldn’t have learned what my life meant to me and what I stood for. I wouldn’t have had so much time to sit and ponder how I wanted my life to go. Had I not gone broke in Brenham and moved back home, I would not have become so close once more to the friends who had my back in high school. I wouldn’t have met the people I have met. I would still be a naive girl studying in the library of my first college. I wouldn’t have met her. I wouldn’t have met him. I wouldn’t have met them. I wouldn’t have met the people who call me friend now.

The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly. All of it to be taken with a grain of salt. Every experience is one more thing I tuck under my belt. And I pull on the boots to keep on trekkin’ down the road to discovery. I wish sometimes that I could know what would happen and perhaps, proactively chase something or run away to alter the course. But it’s all about life’s “little mysteries” as some would poetically phrase. And that’s what I’ve taken to living for. Life’s little mysteries.

And this transformation all began with the throwing of a textbook and a forced conversation. Funny how those little actions throw you on a twisting, turning, flipping, crazy train ride to oblivion. At least I’ll be able to say I had fun while forever closing in on the last day of living. Something to twist a corner of the lip up at. In recognition of the humorous situation, however serious it may be.

Grasp what's yours for the taking


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