Just Breathe

With a smile turned to the world, I will rise up
I will sing to the heavens with all I can muster
And with hands raised high, all shall hear
There is nothing to fear in this world
At one time or another,
Everyone has encountered the disappointment in life
Everyone has encountered the heartbreak accompanying love
Both feelings overwhelming and blinding
We know the bitter truths
But we also know the daily sunshine
We know the start of another tomorrow
The question remains, if I hold my hand to you
And ask you to let go of yesterday
Will you?

It is in memories that we seek comfort and knowledge
But what if I asked you to abandon it all
To leave behind the world of what has happened
And run with me to the waiting sunrise
Run to the nearest coastline
And in the shimmering waves advancing upon us
Will you open your eyes for tomorrow?

The wise will forgive and never forget
So don’t forget what has happened
Yet don’t live in what has happened either
For I will continue on, running from coast to coast
Chasing the sunrise, eager to embrace every new beginning
There’s going to be something better
You just have to believe
And if you cannot believe in it
Then allow me to believe in it for you
And take my hand
Live vicariously through my smile and my words
Know that all you have in this world is trust

You don’t have to follow every footstep
But give me the chance to show you
The sunrise peeking under golden clouds
And turning a dark, glistening ocean
Into a glowing, glimmering body of water
Filled with life
Filled with those who don’t think so much

And just breathe


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