Falling Mercilessly

“Is all that we see or seem, Nothing more than a dream within a dream?”

Matted brown hair cakes hollow cheeks
Lips cracked and bleeding
Lean forward, balanced precariously on shaky knees
Porcelain counter tilts her into an oblivion
Of white lightning filling cornflower blue skies
Lose what grip there is and fall ever faster
Expanding to truly reveal
The beating heart beneath it all

Lean back
Skin clings to knobby ends
Of the emaciated, naked form
Place fingertips to glass
Smudges remain of what once was
A small pulse beats frantically
In a gaping crevice

In those last moments
Eyes fly across one’s face
Who is this twisted soul
Staring back at me?
Has the price of humanity
Cost so much?
But in that last breath,
I know I am beautiful
With one attempt to smile
I cave to the convincing wave
And slip from the counter
A scarred and ruined being
Landing mercilessly on the cold tile


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