Jump Up and Play

Write down a verse
Stare at it
Break the eraser, Tear the paper


Maybe if I write it all
With an “artistic” spacing
Fuck it

You say all we have is today
Well fuck you then
Imma, Imma jump up and play
Every day
Every day
Imma jump up and play

Yeah, karma’s a bitch
When she turns, underdog to topdog
Suddenly, you’re staring at the belly
And wishing, maybe there is a God

Fuck that, where’s God in this world?
Aint no spirit, floating to make you smile
Why don’t you put on my shoes
And walk in those for a while

Even writing this,
I find myself makin’ a smile
You can’t hear the beat I’m dreaming
You can’t see into my pile

Of dreams

So let’s all just run up,
Jump up and play
Don’t gotta worry ’bout this and that
No more bout what you gotta pay
We all die some day

Put on your combat boots
Put on your hooker boots
Whatever you do,
Doesn’t matter to me
Go out in the streets
Fake cat and mouse
In the daily teams of cops and robbers
We’re all playing games now
There’s no control

We all die some day
So fuck ’em all
Jump up and play


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