We Three

In the midst of every tangle
Your hands reach out to me
Your smiles are there to catch my fall
And your welcome arms encompass every hard feeling

Your meaning to me 
Has expounded in every starry night
Spent, smoking like chimneys
We three can take on the world together
As different as we are
Puzzle pieces are we

When you wonder what the world has to offer
Just look to your left and look to your right
For every time that I fall to my knees
Alone and broken, unwilling to stand
You two are there, lifting me up
I feel my heart bursting at the seams
How can I show you two,
How my life has changed
Permanently, for the better

Holding hands, we three walk the sidewalk
And in unison, we march
Down the concrete, our converse blinking in the moonlight
And we disappear on the path together
Forever linked and forever meant to be just here

No judgements, no expectations
Sit and look at the stars together
And smile knowingly

Little One and Jennyzilla, you have forever  changed my world and I will be forever grateful


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