Timeless Death

With our heads bent down in shame
We admit to the error that is humanity
Hands clasped together, we shall fall to our knees
And understand that knowledge of what we have has been absent

In those few precious moments 
An enlightenment of overwhelming proportions
Shall alight upon the weakened shoulders
Of man, woman and child

Challenged by life itself
Many shall turn their backs on the chilling truth
And as death descends
To call forth its eternal lovers
The pitiful humanity cries for more time
But the face of death’s clock is blank
No hands, no calculating seconds
A blank face of that which is time

Paled men rise with shaking knees
Whilst the few who understood
And lived for the day death should arrive
Instead shake Grim’s hand
A concentrated brow furrows
To know that what we have earned will be no more
Our last vacation stops at a reaper’s door


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