Remember Me?

In the frozen slumber settled upon this house
I play soft music and think of days gone by
Alone, I feel a gripping fear down to my toes
Afraid, not of the nighttime
But of what lies in future days
In future days, when those I have met
Will forget my name
To know that I will be forgotten
Beats with a heavy hammer on the walls of my heart

I suppose one day
It always comes to pass
When they look back on that day and my face is a blur
My name forgotten, unconcerned with the hair color
But I tell you now,
If I meet you for a minute or stay for a lifetime,
A laugh like a donkey will always ring in your ears
For that, my friend, is unforgettable
So when you lay in your pillow,
Holding your other half
Ten, twenty, thirty years from now
Despite your best efforts,
I will always be there, laughing with you

Demanding you remember
That silly little girl
Who just wanted to be loved


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