Lessons in Mortality

A broken gait, traversing down a ruined rock
A worn halter, rubbing through skin burned solid
We all wear the scars of a beaten travel
In a knowledgeable bow,
Lean our weary heads
On the learnings that were lost on those before us
Weigh heavy with experiences
Handed from generation to generation
Yet never complete

And in the ignorance of humanity
We parade through our life
Some refuse to absorb the lessons provided
And others delve too deeply
To become lost in the insanity
That is normality
Are we all to be insane?
Are we all destined to be just another thundering tornado?
Carve a path we call predestined,
And realize said path leads into a pile
Of horse dung and bull shit

To learn the lessons
Said to be so important
Only to realize that each lesson
Is just another notch on the bedpost
We all die someday
And the lessons will be for not


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