Sand Dollar Memories

In the solid press of each piano key
Is felt a certainty
Lacking within the confines of my own bones
Shaking fingers reach out in recognition
Of a wound long turned cold
Realization dawns in the tears pouring down my cheeks
As I feel the oak door of finality
Slamming shut

This final gift, be it final or be it a reminder
I understand
I acknowledge the depth and the sorrow
That has come with the parting of such emotion

Do not doubt
In my memory of you
Do not doubt
That upon my windshield
I saw your face

The jagged history that has forever
Defined the paths down which we travel
Has been blindingly titled fate
But we know
That it is our mortal choices
And my mortal and incredibly false pride
That carved such a formidable road

To the sand dollar
The only whole sand dollar
On a beach of a million miles
I have not forgotten
In the tears that stain such a solid shell
Be aware
Of hearts still soft
And hearts built on memories
Be aware
Of a person who emerged
Only through those coaching words
And supportive hands


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