In a twisted turn of events
A story is put to paper, of a surreal nature
With the touch of a pen, life is born
And thus, we have arrived to this place
Every action, a thought already had
For her, true love was delivered on page eighty-six
For another, a baby received in pages two hundred to two hundred and four
A man’s tears at a marriage gone cold
All reflections of a broken author’s beaten eyelids

To know that we all exist in a pre-planned reality
But frightened humanity should shield its face
As brilliance replaces a mere mortal
With an ethereal omniscient being
Capable of miracles unseen in the naked eye

The boy, lost, in a drunken father’s footsteps
A girl, swinging alone in a land of water
With this imagination, we see the ponderings
Of a  heartfelt soul
Conveying to only a piece of paper
Words to forever mark his existence upon the face of time

The world in which one writer shall exist
Leads insightful minds to come together
To know, we are but a dream
Of mythic proportions


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