Happy in the Sun

With the gentle breeze that blew so sweetly
I feel the worn cloth of my dress, brush against my knees
In headlights, my truth was told before the door opened
And whilst you look upon a hidden face
Confusion rocks my mind in titanic waves

Silence escapes my lips
And the hand of the clock just keeps turning
Songs parade through my ears to remind me
Of all that I have run from
I have run so far, heading towards a brilliant sunrise
“She is only happy in the sun”
So will you be a kite or a cloud?

Take me back to the start
Weigh me down with reasons
To have turned from a sun so bright
And adventure so promising

A ready body, flesh and bone, filled with energy to travel to the stars
But no directions
And no idea to start with the left foot or the right foot
In this new year, I shall only smile
And turn to the sun
Turn to happiness


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