And So She Thinks: Day 21

Entry 20: I was wrong. I was so wrong. Through lucid eyes, delirium has set in after 48 hours straight. I have sat here on a cold concrete floor for an hour now, thinking. My head struggles to comprehend a train wreck of a thought pattern. Revelations and subtle implications glow brighter to my own conscience than the stars. To have wandered so blindly and not seen, insanity only keeps you afloat for a little while.

Perhaps… Perhaps I should… Perhaps I shouldn’t… Perhaps/mayhaps/maybe/possibly… my brain feels to be duct taped to a spinning teacup. Around and around, only glimpsing blurs of pertinent/enlightening thoughts.

I lie down and dream myself to a place far away, a place of simplicity, a place where a smile and a dream can get you anywhere. A place of comfort. But it’s only a dream. As the sun rises before me once more, I greet the old friend and accept the challenge of a new day.


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