Churning Solitude

“Help. I have lost myself again.” – “Breathe Me” by Sia

In the churning waters, I feel my naked body dropped
The piano surrounds me, each note heavy with implications
Through the frothing waves, I push off from the bottom
Burst to the top, gasp for the ungrateful life
But in the silence that follows
I can only look through the misty air
And swallow my surroundings
There is no where to go but here

Wade aimlessly through the current
My skin begins to prune
I crawl out, shivering, onto the banks
Lying in the fetal position,
My breath comes out in heavy clouds
My fingertips are pathetic raisins,
Looking fresh and unused

Where shall I go from here?
There is up the mountain or back into the water
And in gazing up the rocky, treacherous slope
My mind wimpers for my bare, soft feet
Instead, I shall put off my travels
There is no time where I wish to exist
And with a mighty heave,
I dive back into the waters
Dive back into the confusion,
Jump into a world so clear and so cloudy
The water pounds my skull
And I can only swim

Swim in a freedom dictated only by me
Swim alone in a world so open
I leap and dive and spin
Beneath the waves
You all shall leave my mind and I will swim alone


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