Dreaming of Sanity

The cold air bites at my fingertips
With every ragged pull on the cigarette
I dream I can feel those seven minutes
Waving goodbye as they leave through an exhale
Those seven minutes,
One could do so much with seven minutes
But should you ever realize your gratitude
For that small slice of time?

With a mighty sigh,
I pull my Converse on
These shoes which have travelled so far
Yet every day tell the same tale
Of hopes and disappointment
Of dreams and reality’s murderous behavior

Reach into my box of suicide and light up again

Insanity runneth over
The confinement of normality
I know in my crooked head
I am not alone
In a world so fucked
I will never be the craziest
But never shall I be sane

A suggestion by society
To better facilitate inclusion
Leads only to an empty shell
And a bland smile

Cheshire Cat purrs gently upon my lap
To dream of a brutality
Only the fucked can know

I shall be who I am
Whether stable or not
Because that is me
It is not the most ideal
Nor the kindest way to be
But it can always be pleasant
And I shall slide by curious eyes
With a reigned tongue
And ready smile


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