The Fall of Enlightenment

Falling faster than a cannonball
This downward descent takes more of my breath
Than love’s first kiss
In an exhilerating moment,
Every sense heightens and I know, all there is to know
But as abruptly as the feeling came,
It is gone
And I am still falling,
Faster and faster
Hurdling towards a ground that promises
No safe landing

As shapes begin to take form
I can’t help but smile
Who knew this would be the day you learn life itself?

My eyes fly open moments before impact
A dull ceiling covered in aged water stains
Stares back into me
Shift beneath my blankets
Emerge to tip toe out to the balcony
Calm my racing heart
The exhileration still tingles in my legs
And I can’t help but smile once more
Even in my dreams, I cannot call it quits
There is something out there
I haven’t seen
And you can’t keep me from it

Your pleas, your words, all fall on deaf ears
For I can only see a new sunrise
And a new adventure


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