House of Cards

There is no peace within
A serene face
Eyes of ice stare blankly
At a world spinning wildly
The figure a silent statue
But within?
Lies a tumultuous tumbling storm
The perfect storm
From which only destruction can emerge

Feel the rancid, sour taste
Fill my mouth with dread
Wash away my doubts
Smoke away my fears
Swallow my concerns
But nothing can erase
The scars that beat
In tune to my pulse

Veins throb with a vengeance
To find a release
From this maddening sanity
That accomplishes only white knuckles
And teeth ground to powder

Their words are just noise
White noise
All I can hear above the rising volume
Is your voice

Tears shall kiss a cheek so cold
Hopeless feelings returned from the grave
In a muted state, I can only watch
As this house of cards tumbles down around me
This perfection, so close
Now returned to dust between my toes
These dreams fall like September’s ash
But there is no solution

Amongst the shell-shocked bodies
I have bent to my knees
In desperation
For control to be relinquished once again to my own hands
So much progress
Gone with a breath of your words

Guided by a heart so foolish
I reach forth to begin a new order
Spades on the bottom


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