Intelligence of the Soul

Shells rest with the scars of battle
Lie empty and useless upon their beds
Spheres of nothingness from which to encase yourself
In the intelligence of the soul,
I would dare to glimpse into your eyes of blue
And wonder, if you should know what I do
It is in this moment of mingling emotions
That my own body means nothing
The significance that each places upon it
Fades to a mighty whisper
Whilst your lips should speak the tales of souls unspoken
With nothing truly heard,
I hear what rests in churning gray, blue, then green
In a moment, forever cascades in a shimmering avalanche
Of knowledge, of hearts, of feelings and desires

Ghosts of my hand reaches out to rest upon the wings
Of an angel who smiles with the devil at their back
A twitch and I bleed upon his horns
But a simple kiss brings me back to you

Breathe a breath between us
I should dare to trace upon your skin
Lean in close to know that which I choose
To leave down defenses and scars alike
I would know the clockwork within that soul
And maintain it myself, to better yet comprehend
Why those eyes of blue have led
My castle of thorns and stone
To dwindle into a field of flowers,
A boulder the only remnant to show what I once was

Who are you?


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