Kitchen Floor

**Listening to “Hurt” by Johnny Cash… on repeat… so yeah, it’s quoted**


Each drop that cascades upon my floor 
Seeks to remind me of the life within
A mere pinprick to show that lies beyond skin

And as we all bleed the same, so shall we all fall
Together, we shall grace the laps of broken chairs
Arisen on our empires of dirt

Falling to the cold, wooden floor
A shaking frame gives in
There is no hand to grab in this old place

Stains of time seek to turn my head
To remind me why I now grace only a solitary kitchen
Bittersweet memories remind me

I ache to cry, we know there will be no castle in the sky
Try and try, race against the clock
Yet I can only disappoint

Simple moments of smile and laughter
Provide the necessary boost to appreciate my world
Still, I explore the sorrowful, wrong, and hurt within

It is my brainwashed duty
To rise up off this floor, brush myself off, and return to my day
But with no one to watch,
I will remain here until someone has come to find me


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