Blue Eyes Lost

The calm of the storm has finally arisen to coast me gently upon my fated shore
In the gentle pull of a violin, every tear coaxes quickly upon my eyes
In a blink, they are hidden, only to be called back into motion for another wave
It is a quiet pondering that leads me to release all that I hold
In a moment, a stoic figure breaks to the floor,
Content upon warmed cement to lie there, despising the ever increasing puddle
To soak upon my face and remind me of that which I have run from

I observe one twine amongst silk, high upon the air
Gently caressing each delicate twist to add a mystic feeling of love
And love lost

“These blue eyes and this gaze have loved and lost… but mostly lost in my life”

I wish to once again rise to your lips but in every seeping tear
I see my reasons to hide away, in a softened solitude
And whilst I have laid upon this floor, hour after hour, wishing to take it back
I know that what is done must be done
So I ignore your calls, I ignore your empty frantically grasping hands
I turn my back, as though turning from a burning human
The solidarity upon my spine
Inches in, close to breaking, but I continue to turn

The music progresses to a tale of hearts broken and an insignificant feeling
A feeling of being forgotten
But you won’t be forgotten
For even still, in my darkest moments,
In the pacing memories that ache to reign me in, I see your face
Gazing with a romance never felt to hold me forever,
Nose to nose, breathing together, a heartfelt embrace
Of twined legs and awkwardly jointed arms
Refusing to let go, refusing to give in to the honesty of the moment

Believe me when I say,
You are never far from sight or mind,
I will watch and I will wait
For a day to once again, encroach upon a life so tumbled
So disjointed and so comfortable


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