Chaotic Ripples

Quickly I will run  Chaos Ensues
As chaos’ aftermath
Creates ever larger ripples
Increase to breakneck speed
As soon waves
Threaten to crash upon my brow
Turn to glimpse my recent measures
To see destruction and callous indifference
Look to the butterfly effect
Carried on from a simple “goodbye”

Entropy drips from every corner, every tree
Glaring from my phone’s minute screen
Words slip into my ear and eventually,
I stop listening
Each time I stop to check it
Is another glimpse back
A slight glance at what has led me to sit right here
In the middle of everything
And feeling isolated in a world of nothing

Chaos is what I shall call you
Chaos is what I shall rename the place I sought to call home
Chaos is what I have named so many
And so you join the throes of a jumbled mass
Each a story to tell, a story to enlighten one
As to why I continue racing the waves
And have not yet sought to settle for the ride


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