Cage Within a Bird

*I published this several months ago and took it down for reasons known to myself. But I still like how it was put together and the emotion that I threw behind it. So I’m putting it back up, for poetic reasons rather than a message.

**This no longer applies to my current situation. Just for clarification.

I look and within that all-knowing glance
I feel the sorrow that has torn from within
Twisted, burned arms wrench
From beneath the gut and pierce through a raspy throat
A sorrow so overwhelming 
For what I have done,
There will never be enough apologies
But what is done is done

Perhaps it is a set up designed to fail
Perhaps the blueprints are off scale
Should I run from this as I have before?
But in fear, nothing will be accomplished
In a backbone delivered generation through generation
I will sit up straight,
Break the fingers that hold the throat closed
And with a guarded tongue,
All shall be spoken in truth

I cannot tell you that I will fall into your arms
I cannot tell you I shall once more kiss such lips

Instead, I can tell you I shall look upon you
And I will smile
For a cage within a bird
Lies a smaller bird, just as eager for flight
In lapsing time, freedom shall remain mine
But we can smile together
And know what lies in our hearts


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