Fear Can’t Win

Lying shackled upon a floor so cold
The memories that shaped me
Itch back into thought
Scratch until it bleeds
Scratch until it scars
Scars no mother’s kiss could heal

Despite everything, I let it consume me
As the dark room gets darker, the air gets colder
Seeping, clouding my mind
A wet blanket upon a glorious fire
Every second develops into an hour

I know they are gone, never to return in my lifetime
Yet, in my fearful state, his rough hands are felt
The pain emanating from something meant to be beautiful

Alone, within my blankets and cold pillows,
Nothing I do will halt the overwhelming emptiness
The feeling of being robbed of something special

But yet, one night, I didn’t succumb
For as I woke, trembling and terrified, gasping for air
You woke as well,
Your arms surrounded me
Gently saving me and providing a comfort unbeknownst to me
Your voice whispers gently into my hair
And I know, you are there
They can’t hurt me when you are there


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