Your Smile’s Parade

Maddenning travels
Parading tumultuously through the streets
A parade of two

The grandeur of the event
Far outweighs that of any I’ve ever seen
So long as your hand is there in mine

Fireworks seem to burst in a life unexpected 
Between your pupils and mine
This darkened street comes alive
Lights flash in all brilliant colors
Your smile, a sight beyond comparison

In our silence, the noise is deafening
The screams of children, jumping for candy
Figures dance excitedly all around us
Escorting you and I as the prize unattainable

Your fingers tense, pulling me to another street
And as the corner is rounded, the fanfare disappears
You and I walk alone, hand in hand
A new darkened street
Then you turn and smile

And the parade begins anew


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