You Were Right

As I sit here tonight, the air is thick
Humid and still, hinting at rain
But lacking in guarantee

I choose to look back at how far I have come
All those life lessons I was shown
Unaware of absorption until years later

The logic that lies as a blueprint now
Supporting the words I should spout
And the hands I may shake
Despite the horrid memories,
Despite the trials that every person may face
With a strong gaze and a solid stance,
One may feel just a little more ready
For the life awaiting at the doorstep

You were right, Dad
You were right, Mom
I didn’t want to listen
But somehow I did, to all of it
I listened and I learned
I learned to lead a life worth being proud of
I learned to believe in my own self-worth
And the self-worth of others

I look in the mirror
Just another face to a stranger
But I smile
In knowing
I’m just a little bit more than that
I am Jordan.

I am me.

So thank you, to everyone. Thank you for the memories, good and bad. Thank you for helping shape the person I have become. For anyone who has lent me a moment of their time, or years of companionship; thank you.


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