Honey Green Eyes

As eyes close to mark the passing of another sun
I smile into the world of dreams
Buried amongst the ever-absorbing neurons
That paint a picture of influences long thought forgotten

I sit delicately awaiting your arrival
For you always visit me when I sleep
I stare into your eyes of green
Melt as the honey stripes that blend upon the green glittering canvas
Here, I am good enough for you
Here, I am truly beautiful
And your hand grabs mine, to show me no fear

We lie amongst weeds of summer
Stare into a sky,
Cracked open with ribbons of flame
Piercing and shattering the sifted cotton
Arms extend to hold it, feel the warmth within our palms
Together, the orb is brought to rest between us
Casting everywhere to darkness
Glowing, we smile
Twisted wickedly together
It seeps into us, absorbed entirely

And I awaken – To turn and stare into your green eyes, melting as the honey stripes that blend


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