Home is where the… Turtle is?

In between stressing over bills, financial matters, my piece of shit car, and changing jobs (again), I realized something.

My life is awesome.

But I bet, if you stopped and looked at every quirky little thing in your life, you’d realize yours is too. It’s not all about making ends meet, or trying to get a pay raise. It’s about the little things. For example:

My boyfriend and I have a pet snapping turtle. He’s still a little baby but I spend hours watching him follow my finger along the tank wall and trying to bite it through the glass.
There’s a pet anole lizard too. His name is Rango. Just like the movie (which was quite awesome).

Now, Toothless (that’s the turtle’s name but he also goes by “Turtle Man”) came about by being caught in the bayou during an afternoon catching minnows… Best catch of the day. Rango came to us a little differently. We got into my man’s truck, pulled out of the driveway and started proceeding down a road at 30 mph. Slowly, this little lizard crawled onto the hood of the truck. And as cruel as the next part may seem, we promise it was in good fun. We wanted to see if this little lizard had guts. So we drove faster. He held on. Progressing onto the windshield wiper, we even swiped the blade once or twice but he stayed. Excited, we were two minutes from our destination and eagerly looking forward to capturing our adventurous friend. But seconds later he disappeared under the hood. In a dramatic attitude only seen in soap operas, a chorus of “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” escaped from us both, followed by pouty faces.
Fearing the death of our good friend, we pulled into the parking lot and raced to open the hood. Disappointed, we didn’t see him. But then, HE APPEARED! And thus, we captured Rango and took him home.


More to come when I return from my evening shift at work. Woohoo. Waiting tables. You love it. You hate it. ❤
Spend some time thinking about why YOUR life is awesome. I guarantee it’ll at least put a smile on your face, if not lift your spirits for the evening.


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