AWOLNATION best music discovery in a while

Kill Your Heroes

"Kill Your Heroes" by AWOLNATION

On an AWOLNATION kick today. I hadn’t ever even heard of them until yesterday when “Sail” came on the radio and now I can’t stop. ❤

Click here for the AWOLNATION site
Click here for the AWOLNATION Wikipedia

Click here for “Sail” Music Video
Click here for “Burn It Down” Music Video




It’s funny. I started hearing about AWOLNATION about the same time that Anonymous started making headlines. Without meaning to, I now associate them both. Plus, V for Vendetta was on the TV last night too. It’s like the whole nation is calling for a rebellion. But me? I’m just going to sit here, enjoy the music and grab a good seat for the show.

[Insert cliffhanger with foreshadowing of a blog post about Anonymous]

You can read up on Anonymous through these sites:

Acquainting Yourself With Anonymous
Anonymous “Threatens” to Destroy Facebook
You can view the video of this “threat” here: Anonymous to Destroy FB on Nov. 5th, 2011





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