Careening Into Stars

Sailing with the moon and the stars
It’s not about the beauty this go round
As limbs seem to float about and you’re moving
Carried above to a cold oblivion
Where your insignificance suddenly becomes the biggest thing for millions of miles

“Kill your heroes and fly”* they said
So you did
And now, floating amidst a starry background
Flying has sped up, almost immediately
Smiling to yourself, feel the rush of a cold, imaginative dream
Now open your eyes

Before the mouth can release a scream of terror
The body begins careening carelessly
Flinging  the figure into stars
That burning beauty nows peels back skin and muscle
Tears you down to bone

Though you continue to fly,
Stripped of your senses, only your thoughts can bear you on
Tracking the flames of starry wishes
And stabbing through bones with pretend sensations of chilly air

So sail

Sail on



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